At Amy Deluxe, you can choose hookah kits that include all the essential components. Thus, you won’t need accessories unless you want to enhance your experience with special add-ons. 

However, you will need a few essential hookah accessories in due course. Sometimes, people choose to upgrade their hookah parts. Often, a few wearable hookah components may need a replacement. Besides, you need foil, charcoal, mouth tips, and other disposable accessories. 

Hookah Foil

You can use aluminum foil or a heat management device atop a hookah bowl. Our heavy-duty aluminum foil fits every standard bowl. The high-quality foils are compatible with small, medium, and large hookahs. The only exceptions are gigantic hookahs that are as tall as you or larger. 

Mouth Tips

You need hookah foil for every session and you cannot reuse them. Likewise, you need hookah mouth tips for every person sharing a shisha. Also, these mouth tips are generally disposable. So, we at Amy Deluxe have a variety of mouth tips in different colors for you to choose from.

Wind Covers

Not every hookah needs a wind cover. However, wind covers are essential outdoors. Also, a few spaces may not have the ideal ambient temperature or airflow for the charcoal to retain the heat for the bowl. A wind cover can protect the charcoal and retain the heat. We have what you need. 

Heat Management Device

Shisha connoisseurs use heat management devices instead of aluminum foil. Sooner or later, you will probably switch to a heat management device. We have different types of this cool and useful accessory for you to choose one that will suit your hookah like a duck takes to water. 

Charcoal Burner

Electric burners are a necessity if you use natural charcoal. We have premium-quality charcoal burners that can ignite natural charcoal made of coconut shells or husks in 5 minutes or so. The size of the charcoal pieces will matter, of course. Also, you need to flip the pieces as they ignite. 

Coal Carrier

You can use the tray in your hookah kit to hold the charcoal pieces when you flip or rotate them. However, the tray is already in place when you ignite new charcoal. Thus, you may want to use a charcoal carrier. Many people are comfortable using the tongs, but some are not, so we have coal carriers in our inventory. Also, a coal carrier isn’t just an accessory. It ensures safety, too. 

Hookah Grommets

Your hookah will have the essential grommets, especially if you have an Amy Deluxe kit. But the rubber or plastic grommets don’t last forever. Also, misplacing these tiny fixtures is easy. You’ll always find the suitable grommets at Amy Deluxe for any hookah size or style you may have. 

Trays and Tongs

Hookah kits have a tray and a pair of tongs. However, you might want a bigger tray and a more durable pair of tongs, so we have the sturdiest components you will find online or offline. Most of these hookah accessories we have will last years when used properly.

Molasses Catcher

You may not need a molasses catcher, especially if you have a phunnel bowl. But the standard bowls usually fail to retain the shisha tobacco juices. Hence, the honey, glycerin, and molasses drip down into the stem. Get one of our molasses catchers to prevent this problem.

Hookah Diffuser

Like molasses catchers, hookah diffusers enrich every session. Hookah diffusers make drawing smoke through the hose a lot easier and smoother. Also, you will enjoy the airiness if a hookah has a diffuser. Besides, the bubbling effect is a treat, irrespective of the shisha flavor you use.