Amy Deluxe brings to you a plethora of shisha tobacco flavors for every mood and occasion. We have hookah shisha tobacco flavors with and without nicotine. Plus, the different sizes or packs enable you to choose a preferred quantity of a particular flavor you want to try. 

If you are looking for the finest quality of hookah tobacco, Amy Deluxe is the place and you will certainly find the specific shisha flavors you like. 

What Is Shisha Tobacco Made Of?

The foundation of every shisha flavor is tobacco, i.e., the leaves of the nicotiana plant. But that does not mean every hookah tobacco flavor contains nicotine. We have shisha flavors with 0% nicotine, too. 

Additionally, shisha tobacco contains either molasses or vegetable glycerine, sometimes both. A few hookah tobacco flavors contain honey. Furthermore, shisha tobacco contains flavors, which are extracts of natural ingredients. 

Therefore, a typical hookah or shisha pack contains tobacco, molasses, glycerin, or honey, and flavors. A few premium shisha tobacco flavors contain all these ingredients. 

What Are the Types of Shisha Tobacco?

Broadly, there are two types of shisha tobacco, subject to the kind of leaf used in the product. These two variants are blonde leaf and black or dark leaf. While both blonde and dark leaves are sourced from nicotiana plants, the processing or treatments vary, and thus the quality.

Generally, blonde leaf tobacco is washed and is thus smoother with less or no nicotine. Dark leaf tobacco has nominal processing and almost no washing. Thus, dark leaf tobacco can retain a strong or bold flavor. Plus, dark leaf tobacco tends to have some nicotine content. 

If you are looking for milder and juicier flavors, blonde leaf is likely what you want. Those with a preference for bolder flavors and a stronger hit will find dark leaf shisha tobacco more satisfying. However, personal preferences can never be generalized, so explore accordingly. 

How Many Shisha Tobacco Flavors Are There?

There are literally hundreds of shisha tobacco flavors. At Amy Deluxe, we have all the popular flavors you may be familiar with, from fruity to minty, floral, spicy, sweet, sour, tangy, tarty, mild, bold, blended, with and without nicotine, among others. 

You can get the traditional favorites, such as apple or double apple, green apple, mint, berries, peaches, melons, and more. Also, you will find coffee, cardamom, cinnamon, and other exciting flavors in our collection. From spiced tea and pina colada to a blend of more than two fruits in one pack, Amy Deluxe has dozens of delightful shisha flavors in stock for your adventures. 

How Much Shisha Tobacco Should I Pack in a Hookah Bowl?

There are three levels or quantities of shisha tobacco you can pack in a hookah bowl.

Light packing is essentially the least amount. You can choose such a scarce packing method for the boldest flavors. This method is also known as fluff packing because the bowl retains a lot of air pockets. 

Medium packing is more suitable for both mild and bold flavors. And dense or fully loaded packs are for rare occasions when you need the bowl to last a long time. Medium or normal packing is usually the standard practice among most hookah users. 

Can I Mix Shisha Tobacco Flavors?

You can mix shisha tobacco flavors by sprinkling your selected varieties inside the bowl.

However, sectioning and layering different shisha tobacco flavors are better ways to mix two or more variants. 

Also, we recommend that you try each variety as a standalone flavor before you mix so that you are familiar with the tastes, odors, and textures, and how to best pack the bowl.