At Amy Deluxe, you can choose among an array of hookah charcoal of different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. We have quick lighting charcoal that ignites in as little as 30 seconds. Also, we have natural charcoal that can provide you with an inexplicably satiating hookah experience.

Choose a brand you prefer, pick a size and shape that suits your hookah, and decide if you wish to enjoy the convenience of quick lighting charcoal or the unmatched shisha flavors and textures with natural coals made from coconut shells.

What Is the Best Hookah Charcoal?

Quick lighting charcoal is practical if you prefer a shorter prep time. Natural charcoal is better if you can wait for a few minutes to ignite the pieces. 

Natural charcoal takes longer to ignite, around 5 to 8 minutes, because the pieces do not have a chemical accelerant. However, natural charcoal also lasts much longer than quick light variants. Besides, you can speed up the ignition process if you use a hookah charcoal burner.

Quick lighting charcoal is ideal for beginners, especially for those without an electric burner or a gas stove. We have quick lighting charcoal that you can light with a matchstick or regular lighter in less than a minute. 

We recommend that you wait for the quick lighting charcoal pieces to start burning thoroughly before placing them on the foil or in a heat management device. This burns off the accelerant, and you won’t encounter any effect on the flavor or texture of your favorite shisha tobacco.

On the flip side, if you have a hookah charcoal burner or a gas stove, you should try one of our all-natural charcoal. The finely ground coconut shells or husks are odorless and tasteless. Every natural hookah charcoal pack we have delivers perfect flavors and enviously voluminous clouds.  

How Long Will Hookah Charcoal Last?

Natural charcoal lasts longer than quick light pieces. Also, the size of a piece decides the actual burn time. A 40mm quick light charcoal piece will last longer than a 33mm one. Likewise, larger natural charcoal pieces last longer than the smaller ones.

Generally, quick light charcoal requires timely ashing so that the pieces do not suffer a blackout. Natural charcoal does not require this intervention as the pieces will continue to burn throughout your hookah session. 

Apart from these norms, the number of real-time users and how much shisha tobacco you pack in a bowl will determine if a set of 2 to 3 charcoal pieces will last an entire session. Expect 2 to 3 natural charcoal pieces to last 30 to 45 minutes. Quick lighting charcoal usually lasts for around 30 minutes unless you have the smallest size and you have several friends sharing the hookah.

Do I Need a Hookah Charcoal Burner or Special Lighter?

We recommend using an electric hookah charcoal burner or gas stove if you have natural coals. Quick lighting charcoal does not require a special burner. However, a butane torch will burn both varieties sooner than a regular lighter. 

You can check out a variety of charcoal burners and other essentials in our Amy Deluxe hookah accessories section.