Amy Deluxe has an ever-expanding collection of hookah hoses. You can choose any type of hookah hose you want from our curated treasures, including fantastically unique styles and disposable ones that are unbelievably affordable. All you have to do is pick your favorite.

Choose Your Favorite Hookah Hose Material

The various essential components of your hookahs are made of different materials, including glass, brass, wood, steel, copper, nickel, clay, etc. Likewise, hookah hoses are made of a few distinct materials. 

At Amy Deluxe, we have hookah hoses made of silicone, leather, plastic, and more. The plastic disposable hookah hoses are the most affordable. However, you can use them only once, as the name implies. 

Classic hookah hoses are usually made of rubber or leather with a metal coil inside. Some of these classic styles may use faux-leather or plastic as the exterior. Also, a few modern hoses have plastic coils inside instead of metal. 

Silicone hoses do not have any distinction between their interior and exterior. You do not have to deal with metal or plastic coils inside. Instead, you get one piece of premium-quality silicone for the entire hose. 

The cost of a hookah hose depends primarily on the material, then on its style, size, color, and other attributes. Of course, the disposable plastic hookah hoses are the most affordable, and the silicone hoses are relatively costlier but they are totally worthwhile once you try even one.

Buy Disposable Hoses for a Grand Shisha Party

If you buy a hookah kit, you are likely to get a hose in the pack. That is what we deliver in all the hookah kits from Amy Deluxe. However, you may buy the hookah components separately, so you will need a hose. Also, many users like to have extra hoses for different reasons.

We recommend disposable hookah hoses if you plan to host a grand shisha party. You do not need to invest in a reusable hose unless you intend to have several people sharing a shisha session frequently. 

Get a Silicone Hose for the Finest Flavors Ever

Disposable hookah hoses are great for shisha lounges, bars, and parties, but you will want a reusable, washable, and durable one for your regular use. Nothing trumps the quality, durability, and convenience of a silicone hose, at least none available in the world right now.

Silicone hoses are completely washable, unlike those with metal coils that can rust when you use water. Also, silicone hoses are more durable than plastic and faux-leather variants as the material does not degrade if you wash and use them for years.

The other distinct advantage or rather cherishable attribute of silicone hoses is their lack of impact on the shisha flavors. Almost all hose materials have some residual traces of a shisha flavor from an earlier session. Silicone does not retain anything, absolutely zilch from the past. 

Pick the Appropriate Wand Size for Your Hose

Last but not the least, we recommend you to pick the right wand size for your hookah hose. Any hookah connoisseur will tell you that they have a precise wand size, not only length but also the weight, which is absolutely dear to them. 

As you explore hookahs and experience various shisha flavors, you will find the perfect wand that you want to hold as you enjoy a session. We have hookah hoses with various sizes and styles of wands. Also, we have wands made of wood, silicone, rubber, leather, plastic, etc.