Hookah bowl is a quintessential component of your shisha experience. Like hookahs, there are various types of bowls, not just shapes and sizes but also materials and styles. At Amy Deluxe, you can explore a plethora of hookah bowls and choose precisely the one you fall in love with.

Types of Hookah Bowl

We have dozens of distinct hookah bowls for every setup. However, you may want to filter the vast collection per your preferred characteristics so that you can find the perfect bowl for your hookah. 

Hookah bowls can be broadly classified according to size, material, and style. So, begin with the size so that the bowl fits atop your hookah stem.

  • Hookah Bowl Sizes

  • Hookah bowls can be small, medium, or large. These sizes are respectively compatible with small, medium, or large hookahs. 

    The exact capacity of a hookah bowl depends on its style and whether you use aluminum foil or a heat management device for the charcoal. However, you can expect a standard range in all categories. So, here is how much shisha tobacco you can load on different bowls:

    • Small: 10 to 15 grams.
    • Medium: 15 to 20 grams.
    • Large: Up to 25 grams.

    Also, the exact quantity of shisha tobacco you can load in a hookah bowl depends on the way you pack. A fluff pack will have less shisha tobacco. Likewise, a dense pack will have more. 

    Furthermore, your packing method must vary a little when you use an aluminum foil and a heat management device. Some heat management devices may have more clearance around the hookah bowl. Thus, you can pack more shisha tobacco in the bowl with such devices. 

  • Hookah Bowl Materials

  • At Amy Deluxe, you will find hookah bowls made of all the premium-quality materials. The two most common materials are earthenware and stoneware. Both these ceramics are essentially clay but they are fired at different temperatures during manufacturing, so the attributes vary.

    Earthenware clay is more porous than stoneware. However, both can be glazed to be totally non-porous. Unglazed clay is excellent at heat retention and distribution. So, you can choose one of our earthenware clay hookah bowls if you want an efficient device to bake your shisha.  

    Alternatively, you can get a glazed stoneware clay hookah bowl that you can conveniently wash and clean as you switch from one flavor to another. If you wash an earthenware clay bowl that has some porosity, you must use only water, not soap or cleaning agents containing chemicals. 

  • Hookah Bowl Styles

  • We have various hookah bowl styles, but they are broadly categorized as classic, vortex, and phunnel. 

  • Classic Hookah Bowl

  • A classic hookah bowl has a few holes at the round bottom. These bowls help generate a lot of smoke but some of the molasses, glycerin, and honey from the shisha tobacco may drip into the stem of your hookah.

  • Vortex Hookah Bowl

  • A vortex hookah bowl has a small spire at the center of its base with one or more holes. These bowls do not facilitate as much juices to drip as the classic styles. However, you should change your packing method so that the holes are not clogged by the shisha tobacco. 

  • Phunnel Hookah Bowl

  • A phunnel bowl has a funnel at its base. So, there are no holes at the sides or bottom of the bowl. The only hole is at the raised top of the funnel. This style lets you draw as much flavored smoke as you can through the bowl without allowing any shisha juice to drip into the stem.