Alu Deluxe S (066.02)


The  AMY Alu Deluxe S (066.02) is  from the new aluminum seri...

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The  AMY Alu Deluxe S (066.02) is  from the new aluminum series from AMY. 

The  scope of delivery of the AMY Alu Deluxe S  includes:

  • Tape head with hot screen
  • Polished aluminum smoke column
  • glass bowl
  • click system
  • ground adapter
  • 2 hose connections
  • Integrated diffuser
  • Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
  • hose holder
  • Charcoal plate, coal tongs


Multi-chamber system: There are two chambers under the base, the so-called "flow channels". The smoke flows through these two chambers because they are located directly below the connections. The smoke must therefore inevitably take a detour via the bowl and cannot accumulate when it is blown out.

This is how the AMY Deluxe click system prevents unpleasant scratching when enjoying shisha!