Carbonica Solid S

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  •  SS26.02
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Product information "Carbonica Solid S"

The Carbonica Solid S impresses with the fusion of wood and carbon elements. In terms of smoking behavior, it scores with a large diameter and low total volume, thus ensuring the right draft when smoking. The shisha is therefore a real pleasure both for the eye and in terms of taste.
The unscrewable diffuser ensures, if necessary, a significant noise reduction when smoking
Type: carbon hookah
Height: 60 cm
Connections: 4 pieces


• Stone head with hot screen
• Stainless steel smoke column with carbon coating
• Carbon cut adapter with ball joint
• Glass bowl
• Screw system
• Unscrewable diffuser
• 4 hose connections
• Closed chamber system
• Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
• Charcoal plate, coal tongs